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Strategic Sourcing of Professionals for over 15 years

About Us

With the combination of HR Recruiting and IT staffing backgrounds, we truly understand our customer’s needs. We work hard to present only the best, most qualified candidates to our customers. At The Young Group, our reputation is our most valuable asset.

With headquarters located in Central New Jersey, the focus of The Young Group’s business activities is the Tri State area, however, for our strategic clients; we have provided services throughout the United States at their various business locations.

Our staff brings over 20 years in the industry. Our supported industries include:

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing Research
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Retail
  • Telecommunications

One of the significant strengths and differentiators of The Young Group in the marketplace is the depth and tenure of its customer relationships. The company’s core, strategic customers have been serviced by The Young Group for nearly 15 years and, contrary to the trend in the industry, The Young Group’s core focus has remained Strategic Sourcing of Professionals.



The recruiting team operates from our corporate office located in Central New Jersey. The team consists of experienced professionals with nearly 10 years of recruiting experience on average.

The Young Group uses referrals for a lot of our hires. We truly believe that “known” candidates are the best hires that we’ve had. Many of our candidates are referrals from existing or former employees as well as client managers. We also use recruiting databases, employee referrals, online job boards and networking to help us in our search for qualified candidates.

The Young Group’s strict recruiting and hiring process is unique and specific. All applicants are screened for skill capabilities, compensation, geographic parameters and availability. When necessary, in-depth technical assessments are done via online tools and personal evaluations. We utilize a variety of tools to pre-screen our candidates to assess technical skills. Additionally, The Young Group retains subject matter experts for in-depth phone technical interviews. The Young Group also requires two former manager reference checks. Reference check questions focus on past job performance, behaviors, applicant’s weaknesses as well as their strengths, technical skills, communication skills, and how well the candidate relates to other employees. We also do formal background checks, drug screenings as well as other client preplacement required on-boarding procedures.


Our business is all about finding the right person for the job. We pride ourselves on working with our clients to help them employ the ideal person for them.

We hire for our clients in the following ways:

• Permanent Placements
• Right-to-Hire Placements
• Long Term Engagements
• Project Engagements

Why Choose Us

We love finding great people great jobs. This is what we do and we believe we are really good at it.

We do our very best to understand the needs of our customers and really help them define the “ideal candidate” for them. We take into consideration many factors including the company culture, diversity and business need when helping them staff their positions.

On the candidate side, we meet with each candidate listen and learn where they want to take their career. After this meeting, it really helps us match this candidate to the right company and position.

We are not just another Staffing Company. We are an Employee Based Company providing all of our employees with benefits including:

  • Health Insurance Coverage
  • Life Insurance Coverage
  • Paid Time off
  • TransitChek Monthly Commuter Benefits
  • 401K

Another factor that sets us apart from our competition is that The Young Group really does their best to identify and match both the needs of our clients and the candidates to make a successful hire.

The Young Group is also very flexible, as we need to be in today’s business markets. Our “can do” motto has afforded us continued growth throughout our years in the industry.

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    Thank you for your interest in The Young Group. Please contact us for our current job openings or if you would like to discuss our services in greater detail. We look forward to hearing from you.

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    Professional Services

    At The Young Group, we provide our clients with Permanent and Temporary Staffing of various type of Professional Services positions including:

    • Architects
    • Accountants
    • C Level Executives
    • Engineers
    • Management Consultants

    Please contact us to discuss these services further.

    Information Technology

    At The Young Group, we have provided our clients with Information Technology Staffing for most of the years that we’ve been in business and it’s one of our core competencies. Some of the IT positions include:

    • Database Administrators
    • Network Engineers
    • Project Coordinators
    • Project Managers
    • Software Developers
    • System Administrators
    • System Engineers
    • System Testers

    Please contact us to discuss these services further.

    Supported Industries

    The Young Group’s supported industries include the following:

    • Accounting
    • Finance
    • Healthcare
    • Manufacturing
    • Marketing Research
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Retail
    • Telecommunications

    Operations Support

    At The Young Group, we have provided our clients with Operations Support for most of the years that we’ve been in business and it’s one of our core competencies. Some of the Operations Support positions include:

    • Administrative Assistants
    • Call Center Analysts
    • Help Desk Analysts
    • Infrastructure Support
    • Procurement Analysts
    • Receptionists

    Please contact us to discuss these services further.

    The Young Group

    The Young Group